Are you sitting correctly at your desk?

In 1992 the government introduced the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations, to help protect workers from injury through inadequate equipment, including chairs, VDU monitors and desks. In 2002 a further detailed regulation, Seating at Work (third edition, reprinted with amendments, published 2002) sets out in detail what is required by the employer in regards to seating.

Century Office is now offering its customers and companies locally an interactive presentation/demonstration to staff on the “Importance of C.A.P.S.”
(Circulation, Activity, Posture and Support). This is a new initative introduced by Century Office’s Managing Director and Product Designer, Steve Bays, to educate employees on how to adjust their chairs properly and how to set themselves up properly at the desk or workstations. The C.A.P.S initiative includes showing employees the functions of their chairs and how to achieve the correct seating position and posture, thus maximising comfort and
productivity throughout the working day.

Key statistics

  • It is long known comfort and the right equipment increases
    performance. A good fully functional chair can cost £200-300,
    which would far exceed HSE guidelines, which is less than a
    few sick days or visits to a chiropractor.
  • Recent studies concluded a second monitor increases
    productivity by 25%.
  • Sit/stand desks can improve productivity by up to another
    10% but more importantly, are its the health benefits, no
    three pm fatigue, higher energy levels, better inner core
    strength and improved posture, improved circulation, less
    headaches, improved staff retention.

Download our how to maintain correct posture guide