Are you sitting correctly

How to maintain correct posture in the workplace

How to sit, stand and perch at your desk correctly.

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Easy tips for improved ergonomics

The tips below are aimed specifically at office workers that are frequently at their computers, as 81% of all office staff spend between four and nine hours a day sitting at their desk.

  • Make sure that the mouse and keyboard are close enough to you that you don’t need to stretch to reach them. If there are items that you frequently need, like a phone or a pencil, then make sure that these are also within easy reach.
  • Move as close to your desk as possible to minimise leaning, which can put unnecessary pressure on the vertebrae in your back.
  • Make sure that your monitors are directly in front of your line of sight. If you have multiple screens, try your best to keep the screen that gets your most attention as central as possible.
Ergonomic tips

How to adjust your chair correctly

It's important to get in the habit of remembering to have good posture. Good posture keeps all of your joints and bones aligned, reducing stress on muscles and ligaments. Watch the top tips on how to maintain good posture at your desk throughout the day. Find out more about:

  • What's a good posture
  • Circulation  
  • How to set up your chair correctly
  • Dos and don'ts